Helen Ries

Helen Ries

Community Builder, External Consultant and Evaluator

Since the day my brother was born, I have been fighting alongside him so he can have his just and rightful place, and for his full belonging in the world around him. From being included in games as children to challenging social policies that lead to poverty, there are endless constructs in the fabric of our society that prevent full and inclusive citizenship for vulnerable people.

This foundational experience lead to a professional focus on community and society. In particular to designing, planning, leading and evaluating of social and community programs dealing with complex problems including enhancing women’s leadership, opening job markets for internationally trained workers, ensuring the availability of literacy and basic skills programs in communities and more.

My work and my business exist to support the people and organization that create better systems, a better society and opportunities for people who are vulnerable, excluded and underrepresented. From grassroots initiatives to establish, long-running programs, I do this through program evaluation, strategic planning, facilitation and capacity building. I work at building positive, meaningful and sustainable systems through smart social policy and bringing people together to build strong and caring communities.

I have a Masters in Business Administration and am completing a Graduate Certificate in Program Evaluation from the University of Ottawa.

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