#OC150 Award

An inspiring morning at the OC150 Awards meeting the volunteers in our community who are working towards a more positive, brighter future.

Paul's Extended Family

Micro-Volunteering and Community Building to help oversee his well-being, participation in community and his future security.



In a lifetime of advocating, Helen has learnt of the power of full and inclusive citizenship for all members of our community.

Helen’s work focuses on supporting the programs, the people and the organizations who are creating better systems and opportunities for vulnerable, excluded and underrepresented populations. She works at building positive, meaningful and sustainable systems through smart social policy and bringing people together to build strong and caring communities.

Sponsoring Contribution

Westfest has invited the contributions from many who might not typically be offered this invitation.


H-CARDD Connects included our story in the #BellLetsTalk campaign.

#OC150 award

Positive and inspiring morning at #OC150 awards ceremony. Lots of people in Ottawa Centre trying to build a better community through volunteerism. Honoured to be among them. Thank you Yasir Naqvi for the award.    ...

Interview with the Photographer’s Daughter

My friend Susie Shapiero is very talented and creative. I first met Susie in high school and have since become re-acquainted after stumbling across each other in a local restaurant. We share more than our high school days, Susie is passionate about social justice,...

Survey of adult brothers and sisters who support a sibling with a developmental disability

I have become part of a coalition of brothers and sisters who have siblings with a developmental disability. We wanted to learn more about how to help adult siblings who assume a more intensive caring and supporting role for their brothers and sisters with a...

Innoweave Case Study in Constructive Engagement

This week Innoweave released a case study on the use of the Constructive Engagement process we used for the Coalition for Change to the Disability Gift and Asset Limits Initiative....