Positive and inspiring morning at #OC150 awards ceremony. Lots of people in Ottawa Centre trying to build a better community through volunteerism. Honoured to be among them. Thank you Yasir Naqvi for the award.      
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My friend Susie Shapiero is very talented and creative. I first met Susie in high school and have since become re-acquainted after stumbling across each other in a local restaurant. We share more than our high school days, Susie is passionate about social justice, disability rights and we share experiences in caregiving. At the end of September she launched a beautiful weekly online interview magazine called “The Photographer’s Daughter“. It was an honour to be
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I have become part of a coalition of brothers and sisters who have siblings with a developmental disability. We wanted to learn more about how to help adult siblings who assume a more intensive caring and supporting role for their brothers and sisters with a developmental disability as their parents age or are no longer able to offer care. Our coalition hopes that with more information we can advocate for more information, resources and support
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This week Innoweave released a case study on the use of the Constructive Engagement process we used for the Coalition for Change to the Disability Gift and Asset Limits Initiative. Constructive Engagement: Coalition for Change to the Disability Gifts and Assets Limits
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In the wake of the Harvey W. scandal there has been an outpouring of solidarity among women on social media who are using #MeToo to self-identify their many experiences with sexual harassment and sexual assault. While the chorus is beautifully loud and strong, no doubt there are groups women who have not joined in for various reasons. One of those groups might be women with developmental disabilities, simply because there are many barriers to the
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This weekend the story of Michelle Kungl’s life came out in a Toronto Star article. It is a fascinating read for her life story alone but also as a showcase for how the many barriers of ODSP complicated and add stress to her life.
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**This post has been corrected to reflect the news that BOTH changes to gift and asset limits were made Sept 1*** On September 1 there will be changes to the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP)’s gift and asset limits. September 1st the gift limit of $6,000 will go up to $10,000. The assets a person on ODSP can hold will go from $5,000 to $40,000. Here is a link to the official news  
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It has been two and a half years since our mother died and nearly six years for our father. Life has a new rhythm that now feels regular. We stumble along with happy faces. Our garden is tidy, the kale is growing neatly in a row. Our house waffles between being perfectly clean and total chaos. After breakfast, the cats are curled up in their respective beds. We made it through the eye of the
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