This weekend the story of Michelle Kungl’s life came out in a Toronto Star article. It is a fascinating read for her life story alone but also as a showcase for how the many barriers of ODSP complicated and add stress to her life.
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**This post has been corrected to reflect the news that BOTH changes to gift and asset limits were made Sept 1*** On September 1 there will be changes to the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP)’s gift and asset limits. September 1st the gift limit of $6,000 will go up to $10,000. The assets a person on ODSP can hold will go from $5,000 to $40,000. Here is a link to the official news  
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It has been two and a half years since our mother died and nearly six years for our father. Life has a new rhythm that now feels regular. We stumble along with happy faces. Our garden is tidy, the kale is growing neatly in a row. Our house waffles between being perfectly clean and total chaos. After breakfast, the cats are curled up in their respective beds. We made it through the eye of the
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#009: Helen Ries – Siblings empowering siblings with a disability May 22, 2017 | Eric Goll   This week’s guest is fellow sibling, Helen Ries, from Ottawa, Ontario. Helen is a community builder, consultant, sibling care-giver and author of “Ontario Leaves Many Persons with Disability Trapped in Poverty” and a manifesto for “The Family Arm of the Disability Movement”.  In this episode, Helen shares her story of becoming her brother’s primary care-giver, or as we coin in the episode
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The increased limits on gifts and assets for persons on disability benefits in Ontario announced in last weeks 2017 were a positive step however the limits are still too low. Brendon Pooran explains in his latest blog post why an asset limit of $40,000 and a gift limit of $10,000 is not enough. “It’s time for Ontario to recognize the barriers being faced by ODSP recipients and to act in a meaningful way that would
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To all the Coalition members: I am sure by now you have read the 2017 Ontario Budget and you know that Minister Sousa announced an increase in the asset limit to $40,000 and an increase in the gift limit to $10,000 for persons receiving disability benefits in Ontario. It is good to know that the Government of Ontario is making changes to better support persons on disability benefits with these changes and other initiatives. However,
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Toronto Daily Bread Food Bank submitted a video for the Ontario Budget Submission of 2017. People’s life stories of living on ODSP.
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The Huffington Post ran our article today as part of their Blog section In Ontario, a single adult on disability benefits can receive a base rate of up to $1128 a month to live through the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) as well as support for drug, dental and disability related costs. Sounds OK at first glance — until you look at the cost of living. Source: Ontario Leaves Many Persons With Disabilities Trapped In
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