The latest Empowering Ability podcast by Eric Goll explores the sibling experience with guest Helen Ries. Helen and Eric, who both have adult siblings living with disabilities, have been doing research on how we can better support our loved-ones and provide them with the resources they need. Listen to the full episode here:
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After many, many months of work we are releasing our report “Understanding the Sibling Experience”. We have a number of findings and recommendations that we hope will influence how siblings who support brothers and sisters with a developmental disability are included, supported and discussed. “If we want to ensure the long-term well-being of people with developmental disabilities we need to invest in their brothers and sisters” – Don Meyer, the Sibling Project It has been
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I didn’t see it right away but the #ontariobudget2018 promises to eliminate limits on gifts and asset for people receiving Ontario #Disability Support. It is in on page 64. Excellent step towards income security for people with disabilities in Ontario!
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A beautifully written article by our local newspaper, focusing on the volunteerism and contribution of my brother Paul. Often what you don’t say is more powerful than what you do say. Meet one of Westfest’s top volunteers
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In the arts we are used to witnessing music, theatre, dance, paintings and even poetry moving from the margins to the mainstream. That is the artistic journey we expect and generally support. For people, however, we don’t expect nor do we naturally support the same journey. Instead this work is left to the many community programs run by organization whose work it is to bring the marginalized, underrepresented or vulnerable people into our main spaces.
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Logo for the CES Case Competition
Looking forward to participating in the Canadian Evaluation Society’s 2018 Case Competition on Saturday Feb 10.
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H-CARDD Connects included our story in the #BellLetsTalk campaign.
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Unspoken Realities All my life I have known that one day, I would be responsible for my brother’s care. My younger brother is a person with a developmental disability When that day arrived, it was early, unexpected and fast. The shock of suddenly becoming a caregiver still runs through me. There are moments when I remember a time that I could go away for the weekend without planning it or when I didn’t have the
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