Welcome to Paul's Extended Family!

Micro-Volunteering and Community Building


Paul’s Extended Family is a network of caring relationships around Paul to help oversee his well-being, participation in community and his future security.

Paul’s Extended Family FAQ


What is the purpose of “Paul’s Extended Family”?

The purpose is to build a community of people and engage those people who wish to contribute to creating and accessing a good life for Paul.

A good life for Paul, is no different than a good life for anyone else. It includes:

  • friends and family who love him and spent time with him,
  • a safe and happy place to live that he chooses,
  • financial security,
  • participating in decision making about his life and,
  • the ability to make a contribution to society.

Many studies show that social capital (a community of people who care) is one of the biggest predictors for health, happiness, and longevity.

What does it mean to be part of Paul’s Extended Family?

Paul’s Extended Family is a dynamic and flexible group who can share when and what they want with Paul.

Members of Paul’s extended family would spend time with Paul. Check in on his well-being while you are with him. You can do an activity with him such as have coffee, go for a walk, go to an event you and Paul would like to attend, go with Paul to church or even just call Paul up to say “hi”.  (micro-volunteering)

We hope that members of Paul’s extended family can also join us for events, like potlucks and parties or just stop by if you feel like it (community building).

I want to be part of Paul’s Extended Family but I don’t know Paul very well, can I still belong?

Yes! Hopefully you will get to know Paul in time and until then your interest in his good life is very welcome.

How much do I have do or give to belong?

We hope you will join us when you can, do what you want, when you want.

Rules of Engagement

How to build and maintain a good relationship with Paul

To be successful in building a relationship with Paul, here are some important things to know.

1. Be Present

Paul is highly intuitive and sensitive, he knows when you are “just not that into him”. If you are with him, please be fully present with him.

2. Scheduling is a challenge for Paul

Paul has some challenges with scheduling. He doesn’t always know when he is free and he tends to double book. This is why we have listed his available times on the calendar. If you wish to meet with Paul at another time, it is a good idea to double check with Helen that he is indeed available. You can email Helen at helen.ries@gmail.com

3. Change your plans with Paul directly

If you do plan an activity; but you have to cancel, please cancel with Paul directly over the phone.

We have had many years of experience of people, involved with Paul who must stop for one reason or another but instead of calling Paul and talking to him they will send me or my parents an email. Paul takes this very personally, he feels dumped and like he has done something wrong. We ask that you call him directly to discuss any changes to plans.

4. Paul will pay his own way.


Paul’s Favourite Activities 

Here are some of Paul’s favourite events and activities. If you have the time and inclination to do one of these with Paul, he would be thrilled.

Coffee drinking
Paul adores going out for coffee. Do you have 45min to 1 hour to spare to go out for coffee in Westboro?

Drinking beer and eating nachos
Drinking beer at a local pub, especially one that serves nachos is a big treat.

Going to Church 
Paul is a man of great faith. He values his church community very highly. He goes to church about every second week and would really like it if someone could keep him company, help him engage in the many activities and build his sense of belonging.

Nordic Walking (Urban Poling)
Paul would often go Nordic Walking around the lanes through the fields at the Experimental Farm (Ash Lane, Cow Lane and Morningside Lane). He would like very much if you would go with him in the spring, summer or fall.

Reggae on Westboro Beach
In the summer Paul is a regular at Westboro Beach on Saturday night. He likes to order a burger and fries, watch the band, and sometimes dance.

Biking on the Parkway
Paul has biked on the Parkway on Sunday mornings ever since he was a kid. He would love your company for a ride to Britannia Beach and back.

Shakespeare in the Park 
Paul is a die-hard Shakespeare fan. He would love to join you in the park for a play.

Going to the Opera
Paul used to love going to Opera Lyra’s Black and White event. Unfortunately that event has been cancelled but he still love going to the Opera. He has even been to see Opera on the Big Screen, which is fun too! http://www.cineplex.com/Events/MetOpera

Singing the Messiah
Christmas is not Christmas until the Messiah has been sung. Paul would love to join you for this event.

Paul can’t go very far on his snowshoes but he likes to get out on them. He especially likes the trails at Shirley’s Bay.


Paul’s Calendar 

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