Advance your projects and programs with Great River Consulting, which specializes in social and community sector evaluation and planning services. 


Through systematic gathering and analysis of data, organizations use program evaluation to learn, to make better programming decisions, to make the best use of limited resources, to manage proactively, to improve outcomes and to show stakeholders the value of their investment. We use a variety of approaches but work closely with clients with a focus on rigorous, positive informative and usable results.


Working collaboratively with clients, I guide and support the development of strategic plans. 
Together, we look at where an organization is now, where it wants to be in the future and then we map a path forward with measures of progress and success.

Other Services

There are other services offered to support your organization’s projects, programs and performance.

Needs Assessment

Assessing current situation and determining where the gaps are in consideration of future direction.


Performance Measurement

Collaboratively identifying and establishing success indicators in line with goals and strategy.



Engaging participants with tools and a clear progress to achieve meeting outcomes


Community Consultation

Planning and facilitation of public or community meetings



Developing knowledge and skills for specific competencies


Applied Social Research

Applied qualitative research methodologies for social issues



Depending on the project, I will collaborate with others works with for the best possible results.

Collaborative partners include:

Lansdowne Group 
Stakeholder Engagement and Facilitation Business Line

Lansdowne has 38 years of experience creating custom-made solutions that help our customers succeed. For more information on Lansdowne visit their website.

Allison Hewlitt

Allison is systems-thinker who has worked internationally in learning and knowledge sharing processes and tools. Allison is also a facilitator and community mediator.

Jihan Abbas Ph.D
Researcher and Consultant

Jihan is a researcher and consultant in social policy, disability and equity. For more information about Jihan, visit her website.