Think Like A Movement 2016

A FOUR DAY RETREAT FOR SOCIAL INNOVATION Plan Institute is hosting a four-day learning opportunity with Canada’s leading experts in social innovation. Thinking Like A Movement (TLM) is led by Al Etmanski and Vickie Cammack together with expert special guests. Past...

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PLAN Institute Article: Addressing Loneliness

Helen is very excited to say that since her interview on CBC, she has been in touch with PLAN Institute. Plan Institute provides training, consultation, research, publications and organizational support related to family leadership, social network facilitation, social...

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So there is a Henson Trust, now what?

Both my parents died suddenly and unexpectedly, my parents left me as the caregiver for my brother Paul, a person with Down syndrome.  I was grateful that they had had the forethought to get their affairs in order long before we had to say good-bye. My parents were...

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Fighting Shadows

It has been two and a half years since our mother died and nearly six years for our father. Life has a new rhythm that now feels regular. We stumble along with happy faces. Our garden is tidy, the kale is growing neatly in a row. Our house waffles between being...

Toronto Daily Bread Food Bank’s Ontario Budget Submission

Toronto Daily Bread Food Bank submitted a video for the Ontario Budget Submission of 2017. People’s life stories of living on ODSP.

Ontario Leaves Many Persons With Disabilities Trapped In Poverty | Huffington Post

The Huffington Post ran our article today as part of their Blog section In Ontario, a single adult on disability benefits can receive a base rate of up to $1128 a month to live through the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) as well as support for drug, dental...

How Ontario traps those with disabilities in lives of poverty | Toronto Star

Our article on Gifts and Assets Limits was published in the Toronto Star. It explains how persons on disability benefits in Ontario become trapped in poverty and the role of two regulations inside the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) Act in sustaining that...

Can you imagine this?

The Family Arm of the Disability Movement is the person we love with a disability and their parents, grandparents, sisters, brothers, cousins, caregivers, friends and neighbours. We, the family, have been an afterthought for too long, our opinions sidelines, our emotions trivialized, our needs prescribed and our resources shuttered. Enough.

What I learned from travelling with my brother

For the first time I am travelling internationally, alone on a much anticipated trip with my brother. It has been a big adventure, perhaps bigger than I anticipated.